Disney Dollars


Disney World, USA, 1987


perfect condition


DM 30.- ($ 17)


"Bank von Entenhausen - 100 Taler"


Disney "bank note" published for a Donald Duck exhibition in a museum called  "Kunsthalle zu Kiel", Germany, 1996


perfect condition


DM 10.- ($ 6)


Disney pictures puzzle cube


12 wooden cubes can be combined to 6 different images. Germany, late 1960's or 1970's, Spielwarenfabrik Hermann Eichhorn, box: 16 x 12 cm


DM 18.- ($ 10)


Record: Songs of the Pogo


1956, first release, Simon and Schuster, New York, 18 songs written by Walt Kelly, with lyrics book, overall nice condition, rare!


DM 220.- ($ 127)


Beauregard Hound


Poynter, 1968, hard to find with the fur like here, vynil, 18 cm (7 inches) high


DM 280.- ($ 162)



Puce Stamps


1963 (copyright 1962), This rare block shows stamps with nine different characters from Walt Kelly's Pogo Strip which were used only for a very short period of time as an inclosure to mailings to booksellers, reviewers and papers carrying the strip. Being Kelly's comment on the S & H Green stamps and the Gold Strike Stamps they were never sold or otherwise distributed.

perfect condition, 11 x 14 cm


€ 75.- ($ 86)


Daffy Duck Stamps


1999, official block of ten Daffy Duck-33 cents-stamps from the United States Postal Service in perfect condition.


DM 14.- ($ 6)


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