mmplakat.gif anonym: Micky Maus

1961, two color offset print, advertising poster for the German weekly magazine "Micky Maus", one (normal) horizontal fold, 29,7 x 42 cm

Euro 100.- ($ 115)


Unbenannt1.jpg anonym: Comic Strips

1969, poster for the first comic exhibition in Germany in the  Akademie der Künste in Berlin, lithograph, pro- fessionally  mounted on rice paper, 85 x 30 cm, very rare!

DM 590.- ($ 349)


Thomas Theodor Heine: Simplicissimus

1901, lithograph, printed by Hamböck & Co., 32 x 35 cm, very few stains

DM 850.- ($ 503)


Paul Haase: Faschingsnummer (-of the Lustigen Blätter)

1912, lithograph, printed by Weylandt, Berlin, 48 x 35 cm

DM 400.- ($ 236)



Lore Vasek: Witzige Blätter

ca. 1910, lithograph, printed by Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin, 47 x 71 cm

DM 300.- ($ 177)




Beyer-Preusser / Glasemann: Das Narrenschiff

1913, lithograph, printed by Kunstdruckerei Hofgeismar, 62 x 93 cm

DM 600.- ($ 355)



R. F. Outcault: New York Journal's Colored Comic Supplement

1896, lithograph, advertising poster for the comic section of Oct. 18th, parts in upper left corner and in the midle of the lower border (see scan!) are profes- sionally restored, 51 x 37,8 cm (20 x 15 inches), rare!

no longer available!


anonym: Captain Marvel

1973, lithograph (?), advertising of the German Williams Verlag in Hamburg, a bit color off at folds, 49 x 70 cm

DM 170.- ($ 103)



1975, offset, advertising of the German Williams Verlag in Hamburg, as usual one horizotal- and one vertical fold, overall very nice condition, 42 x 59,5 cm

no longer available!

plakate0080.jpg André Fanquin: 15 Jaar Stripantiquariaat Lambiek

1983, lithograph (this is the version on thick paper) for the 15th Anniversary of the world's oldest comic shop, Lambiek in Amsterdam, has very light stains at upper border and very little tape on the back, still very beautiful! 50 x 70 cm

no longer available!




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