Russian deserters live well, German leaflet for Russian soldiers, 1944

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rough translation of the text:

he sat down on his favorite tractor
fresh demobilized soldiers of the Red Army.
Blacks! So called you on the other side. So shameful nickname Stalin rewarded you for what you did not go with the off German soldiers, and decided to once again try his luck.
tried? how you liked Stalin's orders? You are driven to the slaughter, to be killed, untrained, without uniforms teenagers and the elderly, the sick and the healthy
Stalin will destroy you all. You lived under the Germans, you've seen too much, you become unreliable Soviet citizens.
you know - the enemies of Stalin - our friends!
you were with us, you have nothing to fear. You know that we treat captives well.
tell us about this personnel fighters. go along with them. Tell them that their life will keep only surrender. Tales about the imminent victory of Stalin do not cheat.
We call you - take care of life for the homeland and family!
move us
German command

condition: a bit browning, some spots, sometimes missing parts at the borders but image is still intact

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